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A few years ago, I discovered the ultimate method for keeping a busy women’s life in check, and that is to buy yourself a planner. It can be one of the best investments for yourself, and by investment I mean maybe twenty bucks. As much as I love technology, having a tangible planner is superior to the calendar on your phone… call me old-school. Being able to write out your planner months ahead leads to less stress and worry. Ever since I started this yearly planner tradition I never went back. It was one of the best decisions in my life.

As the year wraps up it becomes an exciting time to find your next new perfect planner for the start of the new year. I highly recommend reading reviews of the planner before buying it, that’s a helpful way to make sure you will be happy and become a successful match with your next new organization buddy for the year. Yes, I said buddy.

The First Steps In Finding The Right Planner For You

You first need to figure out what type of planner helps your lifestyle best. If you’re constantly on the go and like to carry light maybe a smaller pocket-size planner would be the fit for you. The con to the pocket size is that you are limited in the space you have to write out plans, meetings, etc. This is why I went with the slightly bigger planner, one I knew would still fit in my purse.

I function best with the monthly layout. This makes it easily accessible to flip to the next month and have a layout of what that month will look like! Sometimes I then use the weekly layout for school work and leave more details to that section since the space is a bit bigger for each day. Besides the beautiful exterior of this planner, I was drawn to the optional monthly attachable tabs that were included. This makes it a bit more customizable which I thought was a nice touch for the brand to do! Super cute touch!

The Perfect Planner For 2022

As 2021 comes to a close, I started thinking about what characteristics I knew I did and didn’t want for my next planner aside from the layout. One thing I knew I didn’t want my planner to have was a spiral binding. This is for all people who are in school.. the spiral binding will hook to any other notebook in your backpack with a spiral! Keep this in mind because this is an easy way to destroy your books and your new planner. This drove me crazy the last year with my spiral-bound planner. So I went onto Amazon and started my extensive search for my life organizer and was led to this beauty…

I purchased mine Here!

Monthly view
Monthly tabs

Buying yourself an organizer is something you won’t regret. It seriously helped any stress and anxiety of the following week or month being able to see clearly what my schedule would be like, what time I had to be where, and etc.

Good luck on your planner journey, don’t forget to check back in here if it helped at all. I would love to hear your feedback!

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