This is a sign to find your new perfect nude lip combo – including suggestions

It is finally time to get excited about lip products again. Masks are becoming less of an everyday thing for the most part and now it’s time to find a new lip combo. I am so excited to say that I finally found my absolute perfect lip liner. It’s in the shade ‘Nude Suede Shoes from NYX‘. This is the exact shade that I have been hunting for. It is the most gorgeous pink nude color. It matches my lip color identically.

I purchase mine here!

Nyx ‘Nude Suede Shoes’ swatch in natural light

If you’re constantly buying lip liner that happens to be too dark, too brown, too mauve, or too magenta, I would recommend picking this shade up! I can already tell that I will be flying through this shade. The formula is beautiful. I love to top it off with the Kopari Lip Glossy, or this brand new shade from Nyx’s Butter Gloss in the shade Bit of Honey.

If you haven’t tried Nyx’s Butter Gloss yet, where have you been?! These non-sticky, lip smoothing glosses are just below the $5 mark and perform like a high-end gloss. Not to mention, all the shades they have in the line are beautiful and there’s most certainly a color for everyone.

This specific shade is a newer release from the line, it is a peachy pink medium-toned nude. Aside from the color being absolutely gorgeous, what makes me love it, even more, is that I don’t own any gloss in a similar shade to this.

I normally don’t lean towards peachy shades since they don’t look good with my skin tone, but this shade somehow does work!

I love this combo of a natural muted tone lip liner and a pinky peachy gloss to top it off. The combo is unreal.

We love a good drugstore lip combo!

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