ultaBeauty Glow by morning face tanning drops:

All you need to know

When I saw this on the shelves in Ulta roughly a year ago, I knew I had to try it. Under $15 for face tanning drops is unheard of. Most on the market today can go up towards $60, ridiculous. I can fill my gas tank 2 times for that price.
So after using the Ulta drops since then and going through 2 bottles of it, I feel I have collected all my thoughts and came up with a strong conclusion.

These drops are amazing. But only when used right. There have been numerous times when I woke up with a white ring around my mouth and the rest of my face tan all because I didn’t apply it correctly.

I apply at night before going to bed along with all my other nightly skincare. Firstly, brush your teeth before applying the drops. This was causing that white ring around my mouth that I said earlier. When using the drops, I usually make a little cocktail on my hands with my moisturizer and the tanning drops, mix and apply.

Here is where the tricky part comes in. If you use too much moisturizer, the drops won’t be able to sink into your skin; waking up with no tan or glow. If you use too many drops, you will wake up with orange-tinted skin. So finding a good ratio between the two is key.

A tip I also want to throw in is I would recommend using this when you know you have to wash your hair the next morning or whenever your hair is a little dirty. This is for applying the mixture. Try to apply it almost into your hairline and on your ears so there is no distinct line of demarcation of where you applied the tan. I have strawberry blonde hair and this has never tinted the roots of my hair a funky color. I like to get crazy and also drag it down my neck. I apply it a couple of times a week.

When used correctly, you will wake up feeling and looking so refreshed and lively! It is amazing. It is weird how tanning drops can make me so happy. So I highly recommend using these instead of the overly priced ones! I also think that they have updated the tan packaging to a purple and white one, so be on the lookout for the purple one!

I purchase mine on here!

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