Stop using chemical-filled tampons and start using these: Natural tampons that don’t suck

I decided to dive deep into the world of tampons. It is something most of us tend to not really think twice about. When in reality, it is something that we put into our bodies and we should care and select wisely which tampons are best for our bodies and health.

I have tried numerous different “healthier’ tampon alternatives and am proud to say I have tried, tested, and fallen in love with this brand. But before I get into that, let’s shine some light on the exact ingredients in tampons from everyday brands we see on the shelves.

Taken from Canadian Women’s Health Network’s website, it states:

Toxic ingredients found in tampons today include aluminum, alcohols, fragrance additives, and hydrocarbons. Worst of all, tampon bleaching processes leave behind dioxin. Dioxin, a toxic chemical (chlorine-compound) linked to cancer (and perhaps now to endometriosis), is said by most manufacturers not to appear in bleached tampons at “detectable” levels.

Natural Tampons: The Truth

Why is this not being talked about more?! Why is it such a norm that people are buying these bleach sticks every day? I believe it all comes down to people just simply don’t know, and possibly don’t care. But why not try the healthier alternative for anything that we use for our bodies? The answer to that is sometimes the natural stuff just simply doesn’t work as well. So after trying numerous different “healthier” tampon brands, I came up with a conclusion.

A lot of them suck.

A reoccurring issue I found was that a lot of these more natural tampons were absolutely terrible at soaking up anything. Even the supers did nothing. I remember thinking to myself, ‘how in the world are these being sold?’ Then I tried some of those subscription services where natural and organic tampons get sent to you every month. You get to personalize what size tampon you need, what a genius idea. Well, those didn’t do the job as well. So I continued my search and found these!

The Rael Tampons have me so utterly impressed. These tampons are Fragrance-free, Chlorine-free, Pesticide-free, and non-toxic.

Natural and Organic with a BPA-free applicator!

I purchase mine here on Amazon. I signed up for the subscribe and save so I get the tampons delivered to my doorstep every month. I don’t have to even think about buying them anymore.

This brand has a whole lot more to offer in terms of vegan and natural feminine products as well.

I hope down the road that more brands will start making tampons and other toiletries without the chemicals and that more women will look into using more organic and natural versions of everyday items we use.

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