Dry Brushing and All the benefits

I would’ve never thought that rubbing some bristles on my skin would provide so many great health benefits. A little over a year ago, I watched a tutorial on youtube and immediately bought a dry brush to test it out for myself. I mainly was intrigued by how dry brushing helps with dry skin, which happens to be a huge concern of mine. So I started dry brushing with the intent that it was only going to help shed off the dead skin cells and make my skin less dry. But, after testing it out for a few weeks, I slowly discovered some other amazing dry brushing benefits.

I purchased mine here!

How to use

Use the dry brush right before the shower. Start at the feet and brush upwards all the way up the legs, arms, stomach, back, and chest area. Always brush in an upwards motion. Try not to apply too much pressure or it will probably start to hurt. I can not stress that enough! When I first started, I went super rough and my skin did not like it.

When finished, just rinse with soap and hang to dry. Right away you will start to notice an almost tingly sensation to your skin. The feeling is invigorating. You’ll basically feel your lymphatic system waking up since it’s supposed to initiate more blood flow around your body.

The Results

After a few uses, I could already notice the help it did on my dry skin. Not only that, but my skin became so much softer afterward. The one effect I did not expect from this product is how energized and awake I feel after dry brushing. If you’re the kind of person that has to wake up early for work and likes to hop in the shower, I would grab your dry brush and spend the 2 minutes doing it. It has become a necessity for me!

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