B.Tan Ain’t Nobody Got Time For That Pre-Shower 9 Minute Tan

I purchase mine here!

If you are looking for an easy pick me up after a long winter, I got it for you right here. This is for my pale to medium skin-toned women out there. I have tried hundreds of different types of fake tans (I can make a whole separate blog post about them soon). Usually, the lotion version is what I prefer, until I came across the B.Tan Pre-Shower 9 Minute Tan. Normal foam self-tanners after a few days of application start to separate and patch off your skin. That gave me an automatic turn-off for any and all foam fake tans. Especially with the severely dry skin that I was blessed with. This product is truly magical and swept me off my feet. Make sure to apply lotion daily to keep the tan looking fresh and hydrated.

Downside: You will not get tan in 9 minutes like the packing states, but for under $20? I’ll take it. Don’t be alarmed by the grey mouse that comes out of the bottle or the slight gray cast when applied to your body. It is misleading but somehow this product pulls through in the end with a gorgeous tan result. Not orange in the slightest, it produces a beautiful olive color.

This is to be applied right before you hop in the shower. When I tried it the first time for the 9 minutes, I saw no results. The next time I slept with the tan on and then showered immediately the next morning, and I was in love. After that, I tried keeping the tan on for 4 hours and then showering and I saw the same beautiful results. I would recommend applying once weekly.

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