Meet Nicole

Ever since I was little I always needed a creative outlet. It started as dance, and that still stands today! But because of dance, I was opened up to the makeup world at a young age, and BAM!

This completely opened a whole new realm for me since I had to learn how to do my own stage makeup.

This ignited a love for trying new products. So for the past 13 years, I would say it has been a journey for me to find the best beauty products out there. I was truly on the hunt and was having a blast doing it.

That is how this blog was born!  A love for beauty and a creative outlet coming together as one. 

So keep on the lookout for tons of beauty & lifestyle related content!


A Few Things About Me:

  • I’m 25 years old
  • My birthday is October 25th (Scorpio gang)
  • I started dancing at age 5 and started competing at 11
  • After high school, I danced professionally for a few years in NYC.
  • My favorite show is Friends
  • I’m a Pescetarian
  • I’m 50% Slovakian
  • My favorite movie is Grease
  • I have 2 sisters and 1 brother
  • I am currently going to Xray school and continue to teach dance.

The Future Of FaceGifted

I have so many amazing goals set for this blog. It’s a place where i can really take my creativity to the next level while making friends with the same passion on the internet. 

What We Stand For

Empowering women and providing daily inspiration.