Clear Lip Products I’m Loving Right Now

Ever since masks were introduced to the world last year, I have changed what I look for in lip products. Even with makeup in general, everything I liked and applied on my face got flipped upside down just to accommodate the mask. I’m sure this was the case with many people as well.

For lip products specifically, I basically stopped using everything that wasn’t a lip balm. Since then, I have stayed on that train. I am slowly getting back into lipsticks and products with color, but the masks definitely influenced what i was applying on my lips everyday!

I also wanted to mention that all of these products have absolutely zero shimmer, but still create a glossy and glassy look to the lips, all still with maximum comfort and zero stickiness!

Aquaphor Lip Repair

The Aquaphor Lip Repair has been my ultimate go-to for well over a year. It is rare when I finish an entire lip balm, but I have gone through this tube multiple times! I love this universal lip balm, it’s intensely moisturizing for the daytime and perfect for applying right before bed. It is the perfect balance between being a thicker balm, but not too thick where it is distracting and uncomfortable. This product is not that. This is the only lip balm that when applied before bed, the next morning my lips are noticeably plumper and the natural lines on my lips are filled in. I am not sure what ingredient in this product is causing the plumpness, but I notice it every morning after wearing the balm throughout the night. But for daytime, I love to apply a lip liner and the Aquaphor on top for that perfect, natural, and comfortable combo.

I love lip balms that come in a tube. Especially during the warmer months, I can leave this in my car and not be afraid that it’s going to melt everywhere. It’s super easy and fast to apply which is why this has been such a go-to for me.

Kopari Lip Glossy

This Kopari Lip Glossy is the ultimate holy grail status. Squeezy-tube packaging that acts as a lip balm, but the shine and gloss that this creates on the lips is unlike any other lip balm. The comfort level on the lips is an easy 10 out of 10, with absolutely zero stickiness. Kopari nailed this product! I love throwing on a tinted moisturizer, brows, mascara, this lip glossy, and somehow I feel so put-together.

I love keeping this product in my bag and throwing it on, no mirror needed. Kopari has this same product but in a nude shade called ‘Birthday Suit’ that I am interested in trying in the future. I purchased my lip glossy on Amazon!

Tower 28 ShineOn Lip Jelly

I have been seeing these Tower 28 ShineOn Lip Jellies everywhere lately, especially in the influencer world. So naturally, I caved in and bought the clear version named Chill.. and WOW I am so happy I tried them! There is a reason this isn’t called a gloss and it’s because it has zero stickiness! Out of every lip product I have ever tried, this produces the most shine. So basically, this product is perfectly named! This lip jelly is absolutely beautiful on the lips. It feels like a lip balm but has the shine of a gloss, it is a magical product.

The applicator is a wide paddle shape that applies the product fast and evenly. For those with bigger lips, you know using the traditional doe foot applicator can be quite annoying since it is so small. So I love that added bonus with this product.

I LOVE the way this makes the lips pop. Wear it alone or pair it with your favorite lip liner for extra juicy-looking lips, but with the comfort of a balm!

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